Mobile Broadband Lowered to HK$28

By Butterboom Writers  /  July 11, 2007

Smartone leads with super-cheap mobile internet access.


If you are an early adopter you usually get screwed on prices (prime example the recent drop for the Playstation 3) but in this case everyone wins. Smartone-Vodaphone throws down with an amazing $28 a month plan to access the internet (for 20MB of transfer) from your mobile with maximum unlimited access at $78 – meaning you can watch all the Youtube you want without those nasty data charges.

This is the kind of market push that needs to be made to get more people into 3G and use their phones to check email and surf – this kind of market penetration will allow you to easily access the info for shopping and nightlife from our site any where you go.

So this summer before you renew your mobile contracts, get a new phone and upgrade your data plan because soon you’ll be doing alot more with your mobile online if you aren’t already.


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