MEMI Smart Bracelet Notifies You of Incoming Calls and Texts

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By Butterboom Writers  /  December 19, 2013

The MEMI smart bracelet is designed by women for women and guaranteed to sort out the chaos on your iPhone in a stylish and intuitive way. Stylish wearable tech is the next hot trend and Memi lets you know when your iPhone is ringing or getting an important text during the times when you have to keep your phone on silence like during a meeting or in a cinema or don’t want to be holding on to your phone all the time.

To incorporate tech into our daily lives, technology is getting smarter and more stylish, so you can now pair up your tech with the killer dress and your Louboutins.

What it does:

The Bluetooth-enabled device comes in the form of a sleek-looking silver bangle that you can pair with almost any outfit. MEMI connects to your iPhone and discreetly vibrates whenever a call, text or reminder comes in so you won’t miss anything important when you’re not in direct contact with your phone. One of the great things about MEMI is that you can set it to block out all unimportant contacts so the bracelet will only vibrate when you receive a call or text from the people who are important to you, like your boss or your babysitter. You don’t need to worry about battery life either. According to creators Margaux Guerard and Leslie Simmons Pierson, the MEMI can hold a charge for five days depending on the number of calls and texts you receive.



  • The simple design and colour makes it easy to match with any outfit in your wardrobe.
  • You can choose to have a different interior colour or custom engraving.
  • There are three different vibrations for calls, texts and reminders so you don’t get confused which one is which.
  • It has a long battery life that can last up to five days.

How much?

For now, MEMI is still building up backers on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter and you could be one of them! Currently, the cheapest price for a MEMI is US$125. If the project gets fully funded, the retail price will be US$150.

Where to buy?

You can pre-order a MEMI by visiting their Kickstarter page.


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