LG Launches G3 Phone with Funny Short Film titled The Best Third Wheel in the World

By Butterboom Writers  /  July 31, 2014

Everyone can relate to being the third wheel on a date at least once in their life. But, being called that doesn’t have a great connotation, does it? Well, not unless you are the Best Third Wheel, as seen in the YouTube Stars Wong Fu Productionsvideo titled The Best Third Wheel in the World.

In conjunction with the release of LG’s new smartphone the LG G3, the phone brand tied up with Wong Fu Productions to make a short film that cleverly highlights the smartphone’s features. The video focuses on the life of a third wheel guy in a restaurant date scenario where he’s explaining why he is essential to all dates.

Aside from narrating his purpose as the best third wheel (and this involves quite a few funny antics), the third wheel also shows off the G3’s cool functions. Like its user-friendly ultra-sharp camera with multiple features like the Touch and Shoot  where you can get the perfect shot with just one touch. The camera offers a few nifty tweaks too, like being able to take a photo showing both front and back camera images at the same time. There is also a function where you can programme in a trigger word like cheese or smile to activate the phone’s camera timer – perfect for selfies! The user-friendly QSlide feature lets you open up a series of apps like calendar, phone dialler, messaging and more on top of what you are currently doing with just one touch. Check incoming email while updating your Facebook status? Done.

Check out the video below:

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Key features we love about the LG G3

  • Quick Circle displays the six apps you use the most and are shown on the phone for easy access.
  • Smart Notice works as important reminders based on the status of your phone like dialling back the call you missed, switching to battery saver mode when your battery is low, and smart cleaning to remove apps you haven’t really used. Best part is you don’t even have to programme the phone to do this; it does it automatically!
  • QSlide lets you open up a series of apps on top of what you are currently doing with just one touch, which includes a calendar, phone dialler, messaging, email, file manager and calculator.
  • Dual Window enables split-screen multitasking.
  • And the phone can be charged via wireless charging. See if you can spot any of these in the video.

About Wong Fu Productions

Comprised of three Asian Americans, Wong Fu Productions knows how to make short films, music videos and blogs that combine humour and creativity. With a YouTube channel that has nearly 2.1 million subscribers and has had 320 million views, these guys are on the money in creating content that people want to watch. The team specialises in developing viral content for digital platforms and are working with lots of brands like At&T, Subaru, LG.

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