It’s All About Transformers and iPhones

By Butterboom Writers  /  July 3, 2007

The two things we don’t get in Hong Kong just yet.


The two things the web has been abuzz over our holiday has been all about tech: the launch of the iPhone on Friday and the upcoming release of the Transformers movie.

Click here to see a list of all the pertinent iPhone news that you need to know and check out this site to read a round-up of Transformers reviews.

And this is the first video clip we’ve seen that we hear Megatron’s voice (so distorted you can’t even tell it’s Hugo “Agent Smith” Weaving.)

Transformers will FINALLY open in Hong Kong in 4 grueling weeks on July 26. iPhone in 2008 at a TBD date.

UPDATE: This site is reporting that 500,000 iPhone’s were sold over the weekend. Yes you read that right – Half a million were sold in the US from Friday to Monday with an expected 1 MILLION by this coming weekend!


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