IPhone Launches in China

By Butterboom Writers  /  May 25, 2007

I knew the Mainlanders were smarter than Steve Jobs.


Forget what we just said about the Prada LG phone – the iPhone is here already! Well, in China…and when I say iPhone I mean…iPhone copy…and when I say copy I mean ‘serious smackdown.’

You ever wonder why Apple announces their new product ONE DAY BEFORE ITS AVAILABLE…well now you know. Because of some kind of US regulation Steve Jobs and Apple had to announce their new iPhone way ahead of its June 2007 release date…apparently the 6 month window is all more than enough time for the Pirates of the China-bean needed to make an exact duplicate.

Check out Phone Daily for all the pix (in Chinese) go use Babelfish to translate if you can’t read Chinese.


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