HTC Goes on iPhone Defense

By Butterboom Writers  /  May 22, 2008

Can the “Diamond” crack Apple’s mobile phone?


HTC is releasing a new smartphone called the Diamond, that looks to be put into motion to go up against Apple’s iPhone and it’s been made exclusive in Hong Kong through CSL:

HTC is also extremely pleased to announce that Hong Kong’s leading mobile company, Hong Kong CSL Limited has been appointed the exclusive Hong Kong distributor and operator partner of the HTC Touch Diamond.

With the introduction of the Touch Diamond, HTC delivers an entirely new mobile Internet experience that utilizes broadband-like speeds with HSDPA wireless connectivity of up to 7.2 Mbps. Committed to improving Web browsing, HTC provides a new customized mobile Web browser that enables easy viewing and effortless navigation of Websites in the way they were designed. As part of this browsing experience users can zoom and pan Websites with one-hand and automatically view optimized content that has been specially created to fit the display. Turning the device sideways automatically rotates the web page view from a portrait to landscape view.

Pre-order the HTC Touch Diamond now from One2Free with a HK$300 deposit and get guaranteed ownership of this exciting new phone. Is it an iPhone killer? We doubt it, but you can buy it now and trade it in for the rumored 3G iPhone when its supposedly ready to hit worldwide in June.

More eyecandy than you can take below, but is it a JesusPhone, or merely a JudasPhone?


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