How to Send Big Files Online

By Butterboom Writers  /  July 9, 2007

This photo has nothing to do with this story.


It was either this image or screenshot of your email – we decided to draw upon the concept that you can use these thin PC’s to send large files electronically! Take that, Jimmy Lai!

We still see people in Hong Kong sending CD-ROM’s with work on it back and forth by courier, or alot of hair pulling because you can’t email a 20MB file to your client and all kinds of these types of issues.

Here is a list of 50 sites that allow you to upload and send files anywhere from 10MB to 2 GIGABYTES, so you will never have to courier another CD-ROM again. It works great for video files and large graphic files, not to mention taking alot of strain off your email server.

We like, with a 300MB limit per piece for a maximum upload of 1.5GB. Sites like delete your file after 7 days so its not for long term use but just to let your recipient get the file electronically quickly.


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