Gundam-themed Mobile Phone

By Butterboom Writers  /  October 25, 2007

The anime phone you can’t live without.


Ok, technically that Zaku head is the container but the phone is that eye. From our buddies at Akihabara News:

SoftBank sells in Japan a Sharp phone called the FULL FACE 913SH with a beautiful 2.8 Screen, using the ASV and Aquos technology, as well as a 1Seg TV tuner. This morning, All Mobile Suite Gundam had the pleasure to discover a new version on this Fullface 913SH, wearing the ZAKU II Colors, and with a larger LCD screen of 3″ ( instead of 2.8 ), as well as 1GB of internal memory.

We wish more this kind of stuff would be here in Hong Kong. Its crazy but its a great talk piece at parties.


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