Google Smart Contact Lenses To Measure Your Glucose Levels

Google Smart Contacts
By Butterboom Writers  /  January 28, 2014

Google have officially taken the next revolutionary step in wearable technology. The company that came up with Google Glass and driverless cars has now developed contact lenses that promise to do more than just improve your eyesight. No, it won’t project your emails or driving directions onto your eyes, but for those who suffer from diabetes, this new technology could be great news. Rather than having to endure those horrible pin-prick tests, the Google smart contact lenses measure the glucose levels in the wearer’s tears and gives diabetics a much easier way to track and control their condition.

How does it work?

A tiny wireless chip and a miniaturised glucose sensor are embedded between two layers of soft contact lens material and generate a reading of your glucose levels once per second. Google is even looking to include tiny LED lights so users can tell when their blood glucose levels are too high or too low.

Most people who suffer from diabetes know that glucose levels in the body are extremely important and dire consequences will occur if not managed properly but keeping track of the condition can be time consuming and tiring not to mention painful. Google wants to solve this problem with their smart contact lenses It’s still early days but we are super excited with the future of wearable tech.


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