Get A Serious Protein Hit With Living Farms

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By Lau  /  March 14, 2016
So, you’ve got the balcony herb garden and strive to eat organic wherever possible. Ready to take your eco lifestyle one step further? Like, managing your own edible insect farm?
Living Farms is the world’s first tabletop harvesting system designed for growing edible insects at home. Each kit contains eight drawers with insects growing at different stages. Patience is key, as you’ll need to feed your insects vegetable scraps for them to fully harvest, which takes around nine weeks.
Don’t be too put off just yet: insects are actually a super source of protein (really). Living Farms was co-founded by Austrian Katharina Unger with Julia Kaisinger, who discovered after a trip to Hong Kong that most of the meat was imported and no-one was sure of its origins.
After investigating the local food market, the pair discovered that insects are a great solution for people to grow their protein at home. Fact: mealworms are packed with vitamins and contain a protein that’s similar to the one found in red meats. About 200-500 grams of mealworms is equivalent to 500 grams of meat. 
So, steak or mealworms for dinner tonight?
Where to buy:
Preorder yours kickstarter for HKD$5042. Available from November 2016.

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