Entrupy Lets You Check if Your Designer Bag is Real or Fake

By Butterboom Writers  /  September 11, 2017

Worried that the re-seller Gucci bag you are looking to buy may not be authentic? With the new startup app and gadget Entrupy, you no longer have to second guess your buy.

While before, experts had to count stitches, feel the leather’s grain and check print patterns to spot a fake designer bag,  Entrupy can now instantly identify the authenticity of a bag simply by using a handheld microscope camera that is connected to a smartphone. The startup was launched a year ago and since then, the company has claim accuracy has improved to over 98 percent for 11 designer bag brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci.

How it works:
Entrupy has four patents and thousands of hours of research and testing. Its complex detection algorithm is what helps analyse the item. Basically, holographic tags, microprinting and even radio beacons woven into fabric are used by fashion labels to help establish the authenticity.

With Entrupy, you place the handheld microscope camera directly on the item, open the app on your smartphone and take a picture of your designer bag. The app’s Artificial Intelligence algorithms will analyse the images to determine the item’s authenticity where you’ll then receive results in real time.

The camera magnifies objects 260 times to highlight features that are invisible to the human eye and cross reference this with their database of data collected over many pictures of real and fake bags.

With a price tag of USD299 for the camera and monthly plan of USD$99 each month, its super handy if you are a business owner buying secondhand designer goods and its your job to screen all the bags. However with secondhand designer bags costing in the double digit thousands and your savings will be in the thousands, the device and app is a good investment. Perhaps you can rent it out to whoever else wants to use it.

The handheld microscope camera with a wireless connection can be leased for an initial fee of USD$299. Monthly plans start from USD$99.

Where to buy:
Check out Entrupy at www.entrupy.com




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