‘Eee’ is Most Wanted this Xmas

By Butterboom Writers  /  November 27, 2007

Super-light, cheap & powerful Asus is on everyone’s hitlist.


This one seems like a no-brainer: who wants a super-light, super-cheap notebook PC? Apparently everyone, especially this Christmas. The Asus Eee is causing a stir all over the world. Its just a super small super light weight but fairly powerful laptop PC. To the tech-savvy it seemed to be a bit of a lightweight joke, but it seems that its exactly what the masses want:

So overwhelming is the Eee PC´s popularity in America that all the units were snapped up – creating a lack of stock; and stores were inundated with orders for the Christmas season as soon as it was put on the shelves. Long queues were noted on launch day as people flocked to put their hands on the popular notebook. In the two weeks since it’s launch in the US, the Eee PC has already sold ten thousand sets.

Did we mention that the price for this decent mobile PC is only HK$2980? That’s cheaper than most smartphones and way cheaper than the cheapest full-size laptop from Dell. Its sold out around Hong Kong too, and prices are moving up from its suggested retail price until stock becomes more readily available.

Considering that some people cannot type on a Blackberry because of the small keys or open attachments on iPhone’s this little device seems to be a good idea to go with your mobile phone, and we’re sure we’ll be seeing more of these little mini, cheap but powerful PC’s out on the market in 2008.


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