eBay Users Make Big Bucks in HK

By Butterboom Writers  /  September 21, 2007

Power sellers in Hong Kong make HK$500K a year.


There’s no better PR than helping your customers become rich. Ebay has been a worldwide phenomenon for selling online and making cash off itbut it has made Hong Kong users rich around the world without having to know anything about e-commerce specifics:

eBay surveyed more than 700 users online between April and May this year and found three distinct categories: experienced power sellers, new power sellers and new general sellers. The results showed that 34% of experienced power sellers and 40% of new power sellers were generating more than HK$500,000 each year through online sales.

Benjamin Grubbs, marketing director for eBay Hong Kong, the study provided a “rich insight” into the state of online trading.

The study also revealed power sellers are undertaking email and cross-selling marketing tactics to drive online sales.

We love it when companies put a benchmark for stuff like this in Hong Kong. We’re sure that number encompasses alot of overseas selling ( I hear jade necklaces are popular in Germany and Norway loves our fake Gucci bags), but it would be interesting to hear what kind of numbers Yahoo! Auctions power users do since Yahoo! got into the Hong Kong market first and their site has a 57% market share here – and when that service will have an English-version as well.

This eBay song is quite infectious, isn’t it?


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