Drumi Lets You Wash Your Clothes With Paddle Power

By Butterboom Writers  /  May 18, 2015

Drumi is a new kind of washing machine that lets you wash your clothes in 5 minutes without electricity and works with you just paddling. Designed as a foot-powered washer and spin-dryer the Drumi is 22-inches tall  and can wash up to seven pieces of clothing at a time with just 10 litres of water. Considering the average washing machine uses 50-120 litres of water and takes a minimum of 20 minutes for the quick wash cycle, you save water, electricity and washing time! We think its perfect for when you want to wash the few items – gym clothes, lingerie, or just the outfit you want to wear tomorrow but don’t have enough to  fill up the whole load of a full cycle washing machine. The only thing is you have to wait till July 2016 before it ships.


How it works?

The transparent dome can hold up to 5L of water. To use, place the Drumi in your shower, fill it up with water, pour in the detergent at the top designated area, toss in a handful of clothes and start paddling the foot pump. When you paddle, you are spinning and washing your clothes.  Pump for 2 minutes and then push a button to drain away the dirty soapy water. Add another 5 liters of water, pump the paddle for another 2 minutes and release the water, then pump for another 1 minute to spin dry a little.  The pumping motion turns the rounded drum, tumbling the clothes inside to get rid of the access water. Then just hang to dry or chuck it in your dryer. 

How much? 
USD 129 for pre-order price of $129. Offer will end at 12:00AM on June 29, 2015.
To order, visit www.yirego.com



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