Dells Launches Cheap Laptop Line

By Butterboom Writers  /  July 20, 2007

Dell’s new Vostro line targeting SME’s


Looking for ways to sell more computers, Dell’s Shanghai design team has come up with the Vostro line, which they want to sell to SME’s and have already been selling in China for as low as RMB3,999.

The Vista- or XP-based hardware, free of so-called revenue-generating pre-installed “trialware,” is aimed at supposedly underserved, budget-constrained companies with less than 25 people and consists of the Vostro 1000, 1400, 15000 and 1700 notebooks starting at US$449; a 200 mini-tower or slim-sized desktop starting at US$319 and a US$229 19-inch monitor.

Some sort of performance desktop is due next month. There are supposed to be automated support tools customized for small businesses that are free for the first year like Automated PC Tune-Up, Network Assistant and DataSafe Online, the last for backing up 10GB of data.

The cheaper laptops don’t skimp on features so if you are looking to get some for your new start-up or for your parents or kids, it looks like this is the one to get.


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