Chanel x iPhone Application

By Butterboom Writers  /  July 23, 2008

How to get Haute Couture on your new iPhone.


Looks like Chanel was the first fashion brand to get into the new iPhone App Store. So for all of your who grabbed an iPhone (and iPod Touch owners who upgraded their firmware) in Hong Kong can have some cool haute couture to view on it.

Not only can you view photos and videos of the upcoming Chanel collection, but it also works as a store locator and a news feed for all that’s happening in the world of Chanel. How’s that for having not only the coolest mobile phone out there, but also having the latest and greatest Chanel info right at your fingertips.

Look forward to more brands doing this and look out for a Butterboom iPhone Hong Kong Shopping application in the near future.

If you have iTunes, then all you need to do is click here to install.


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