Blizzident Toothbrush Looks to Change our Tooth Brushing Habits

The Blizzident Toothbrush – Cleans Your Teeth in Just Six Seconds
By Butterboom Writers  /  October 17, 2013

A different way to clean your teeth if you’re up for it. Can you imagine cleaning your teeth by biting and chewing? Well this crazy looking contraption, aptly called the Blizzident toothbrush aims to change your toothbrushing habits.  Looking like something that came straight out of a horror/sci-fi movie, this 3D printed toothbrush claims to give your teeth a perfect clean in just six seconds.

We’re not sure if this is going to change brushing habits overnight but let’s speculate a little on who would buy it. For lazy brushers, this could be a quick and fast way to clean teeth. It can also come in handy after a big boozy night out and you’re ready to crash and usually not brush.  It can certainly be appealing to parents to buy for their  kids who have to be reminded and coaxed into brushing their teeth.

We’re not sure about saving time, the device promises that you can brush your teeth in six seconds. However when you consider how difficult it would be clean out this crazy looking mouthguard, you’ll be adding on a couple of minutes of brushing to ensure its clean and not a breeding ground for bacteria.

Also its a custom made product  and you have to go to a dentist to get your teeth scanned before sending it off to get a mould made to fit your mouth. The Blizzident toothbrush doesn’t come cheap. The finished product will cost you USD$299 and a replacement will cost you another USD$159.

So is this really the future of oral hygiene? We say maybe not in the near future unless they have lots of marketing money to burn. If you love gadgets and want to be an early adopter of this device, you can order one today from the Blizzident official website. We would really love to hear from you if get one.


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