Apple’s Leopard Leaps on the 26th

By Butterboom Writers  /  October 18, 2007

New operating system upgrade for the Mac sure to amaze.


If you have been waiting to buy an Apple Macintosh, now is the best time to get in. Next week, October the 26th Apple will release their newest operating system for OS X called Leopard. This is the release equivilant to Window’s Vista in that its a big upgrade but most likely won’t let people down as much.

It’s hard for us to properly explain to you how amazing this new system is, but you can click here to see a list of the new features. Better yet, watch it for yourself in this amazing video below. If you have ever been at odds with your PC, this Mac system makes computing fun, organized and really the way all technology should be: user friendly, practical and of course lots of cool eye candy.

USA Today is reporting how this will affect Apple’s bottom line:

Analyst Gene Munster at Piper Jaffray doesn’t expect Leopard to have much of an impact on future earnings.

He sees it generating $250 million in revenue for the holiday quarter. Compared with his estimates of $6 billion in total revenue for the September quarter and $8.5 billion for the holiday quarter, he calls Leopard “just a drop in the bucket.”

Still, while iPods and the iPhone have gotten most of the attention, Apple’s computer business is humming. Wolf estimates that when it announces earnings next week, Apple will report more revenue from Macs than iPods.

Leopard, which replaces OS X Tiger, arrives as Apple is having a record year. Its stock has doubled in 2007, from about $85 a share in early January to nearly $170 now.

If you buy a Mac starting next Friday this new system should come pre-installed, and if you are wondering which Mac to get we suggest the new iMac or the Macbook laptop, both priced competitively to its PC counterpart.

Now, sit back and get ready for Steve Jobs and Co. to take you on another amazing ride into the world of personal computing. A tear rolled down our eye when we saw this:

Its HK$1000 to upgrade, here is a list of places you can pre-order Leopard from.


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