Apple Rumors Consolidated

By Butterboom Writers  /  September 5, 2007

The big day is tomorrow, here is the roundup.


While Apple loves to surprise, the web has been abuzz with its guesses and even mock-ups of what is coming out on Wednesday (which means you will find out tomorrow) Engadget has a nice round-up but the report about the iPOd “Phatty” (the one on the top left) seems to be part of a disinformation scheme coming from Apple, or is it? They told Engadget to take the image down, leaning to the side that it is a real product – or is this a trick to throw gadget-hounds off the scent? Find out tomorrow in the chilling conclusion of “The Revenge of the iPod!”

iPod Touch with flash-memory
iPod nano “phatty”
Wireless iTunes store sales for iPhone and wireless iPod(s)
(PRODUCT) Red iPod shuffle
iTunes ringtone service
Beatles on iTunes — yes, again


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