AliveNotDead: Asian Social Networking

By Butterboom Writers  /  October 2, 2007

Want to be more social with 2R and Jet Li? Here’s the place.


While researching the story about Finishing the Game, we were reminded about a site we pulled a Jet Li story from a few months back, called Alive Not Dead, which is a fairly new online social networking site targeted at more-or-less English-speaking Asians.

As we took a twirl through some of the pages its interesting to see that Hong Kong celebrities are blogging here like Rosanne Wong and Race Wong the two hotties that make up the pop idol group 2R, local models Rosemary and Lisa S. as well as the more international celebrities like Jet Li and Kelly Hu as well as Daniel Wu and Terence Yi.

You, yourself can also set up a profile for free and start networking with others in Hong Kong and all over Asia. We’re not sure why you would want to stay at an Asian-centric social networking site since it doesn’t really seem to be set in any Asian-specific language, and it seems just about everyone in Hong Kong we know is on Facebook which does the same thing but without the celebrities. But if hanging out with these Asian celebrities is your thing have a look.

Why is Rosanne Wong shaving her head? For her art of course as showcased in the video below:


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