3G iPod as Early as November?

By Butterboom Writers  /  September 10, 2007

Hang on to your money Apple fans!?


Rumours that started on Wednesday are starting to swell with this posting at Crunchgear about the November-launching 3G, 16GB iPhone. That means if you are looking for an iPhone to use here in Hong Kong you probably want to pull-out your hair for a little while longer as this looks to be the real ‘Jesus Phone’ for our GPS location on the global map:

This all makes sense considering the price drop on the 8GB, elimination of the 4GB model and introduction of the 16GB iPod Touch. Apple already knows consumers are willing to pay $600 for one. We always want more space and a 16GB iPhone even has me frothing regardless of all the faults that have prevented me from purchasing one.

And when will the iPhone make its official appearance in Hong Kong? Rumours are swelling that PCCW will indeed be the AT&T of Hong Kong and will be the one with the iPhone on contract here.

And still in the running for our money is the Google phone which is to be launched sometime soon for Christmas shoppers and will apparently come in well under the iPhone price.


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