3G iPhone Takes Over the World in July

By Butterboom Writers  /  June 11, 2008

Apple declares war on all mobile phones with the US$200 3G iPhone. 3giphonefinal.jpg

While it doesn’t look too different than the generation one version, Apple has done it again, and so we don’t have much else to add – just click here to see the new 3G iPhone at the Apple.com site.

Key points for you:

– Available July 11th in the US. TBD in Hong Kong, but we know Hutchinson will be releasing it first through 3.

– Starting price is US$199 (approx. HK$1600) – WOW!

– 2 Colors: black and white

– Still only 8GB and 16GB size drives…for now, as usual.

– Comes with small USB plug for recharging anywhere, instead of removable battery.

Even with all the rumours and gossip proving mostly correct, Steve Jobs was still able to pull a few things out of his hat. Jobs’ dream of 10 million iPhones sold by end of this year, looks to be highly possible as this multi-feature phone has more for this price point than almost any other phone by the major phone producers.


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