Five Ways To Keep Track of Your Valuables With Your Smartphone

By Butterboom Writers  /  June 10, 2014

Things get lost and you spend hours looking for them. The good news is, there are many apps that have been created to help you find them faster. Now you can keep track of your keys, wallet, passport, phones with these cool wireless trackers that sync with your smartphone through an app to act as a tracking device. Save time looking for your things and consider investing in these bad boys!


At just 4.1mm thin and weighing no more than 4.5g, StickNFind can be easily stuck to many items, even your mini party clutch. Its accompanying app – Radar Screen – displays all your tagged possessions within the range. Just select the item you want to track on the screen and you can get it to buzz, flash or both so it can be easily found even at night. Follow the blue dot on the screen to see if you are getting closer or further from the tagged item. Another cool functon? The e-Leash feature allows you to create a virtual leash on a sticker so that when the tagged items moves more than the selected distance from your phone, your phone will sound off an alarm.
USD49.99 for two. Available in six colours


hipKey’s range goes all the way up to 50 metres. It omits a loud alarm (90dB) when you are searching for your valuable as well as green and red LED lights, which makes tracking a whole lot easier. Set up and usage is easy via the hipKey app where you have all the information you need and settings to change for tracking. Its flexible key hanger sleek design lets you attach this on pretty much everything.
HK$478. Available at the Apple Store


What stands out about Chipolo – aside from its features – is the nine fun colours it comes in, especially the hot pink tracker. It is almost like an accessory of its own. In terms of features, Chipolo is one of the first to support Windows Phone (as well as Android and iOS devices). When your tracker goes of out range, a notification is sent to your phone while the app marks down the last known GPS location. Say you lost your phone instead? Just shake your Chipolo and your phone will start ringing.
Prices start at €24 for one tracker.


Lapa lets you find your essentials with its six main features: You can scan and beep for it, put it in safety mode so that your smartphone alerts you when you leave your valuables behind, track it on the map with its last known location, share access with your friends, automatically community track it where your Lapa’s location is instantly updated when another user passes by it or report it as public so that everyone else can see where and when it was lost, access it, scan it and return it safely to you. Pre-orders are available now for a discounted price. Available in three colours
Prices start at €19.50 for one tracker.


Wallet TrackR
What’s different about Wallet TrackR is its design. Instead of being used to stick or hang on your valuables, this ultra thin device can be easily slipped into a wallet or a purse, and even withstand being sat on. Its batteries last up to two years, which is great if you are the type to forget about regular charging. There is a Crowd GPS feature whereby if another user walks by your lost item, you will be updated with the latest location.
Prices start at USD29.95 for one tracker.


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