A Fabric Pen That Could Repair Your Clothes. No Sewing Required

Fabric Pen-Butterboom
By Butterboom Writers  /  July 31, 2014

Darn, you’ve torn your favourite dress! Wait – before you throw it away, here is something you need to know about: The Fabric Pen, a concept pen that claims you can repair that tear, no thread and needle required! Designed by Lithuanian designer Ingrida Kazénaité, the Fabric Pen solves your problem with a simple drawing technique. All you have to do is point the pen at a torn dress and it scans the fabric to match the colour, pattern and texture. Then, it prints a 3D patch to match it.

The concept pen is a finalist in this year’s Electrolux Design Lab challenge. But according to the designer, an existing technology known as Fabrican can make it possible. Fabrican sprays a mix of tiny natural and synthetic fibres from an aerosol can. Once the mixture hits air, it instantly hardens into fabric. The designer claims that something similar can be used with a small 3D printer for her Fabric Pen. With today’s advanced technology, who knows – the Fabric Pen may just come true. Watch this space!

Meanwhile, Ingrida shares her concept here.


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