Easy Taxi – The Taxi App That Cuts the Queue

Easy Taxi Hong Kong Taxi Booking App
By Roxanne  /  March 20, 2014

Make queuing for a taxi a thing of the past with Easy Taxi– the largest and most convenient taxi app to hit Hong Kong!

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How It Works..

Recently launched in Hong Kong, Easy Taxi is initially free to use on your smartphone and will request a taxi with just one click. The app uses your location to call the driver nearest to you and then sends you their details. You can then track your driver in real-time so you know exactly how long it will take for him to arrive. All you have to do is download the app from the Easy Taxi website to get started. Available for personal use and in a version developed especially for businesses, it really is the easiest way to get around.


Step by step how to use Easy Taxi..

1: Go to the app store and download the Easy Taxi app. Its Free!
2: Open the app and log in to create your account. The app will use your phones GPS system to find your location.
3: Once you are set up, input the address you want the taxi to fetch you from. Press the big orange button at the bottom of the screen to ‘Find Taxi’.
4: Wait for the app to find the closest taxi. Once it does, it will call the taxi and let him know your request and location.
5: Watch your taxi in real time as it zooms towards you!

How much?

Easy Taxi is initially free to download so you only need to pay the cost of the taxi ride as per the meter.

Where to download?

Easy Taxi is available on the iTunes App Store, Google Play store, Samsung App Store, Windows Phone store and Web App


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