CallFixie – Find Your Handyman

By Butterboom Writers  /  August 6, 2015

Callfixie is the latest and biggest handyman platform to launch in Hong Kong. Only 7 months old, CallFixie has an entire range of maintenance and repair service you will ever need on their platform. You can find locksmiths, plumbers, electricians, painters, carpenters, air-conditioner experts and IT specialists that are interested to work for you. So now you can access handyman like a local instead of paying the expat prices from handyman you find on

How it works?

If you have a wall you want to paint in your apartment, describe the job, attach a picture of said wall,  measure it and submit it for bidding to the tradesmen on the platform. You will receive quotes from qualified and screened tradesmen, which allows you to find the person with the best qualification to do the job at the price you are happy to pay. You contact details will only be shared with the tradesperson you choose.  Make payment on Paypal and book your time with the tradesperson and once the job is done, rate the tradesperson and post review on the site.

CallFixie takes a 10% cut of the final quote you select. 


Tell us how you go, we are keen to hear about your experience!


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