Practice Yogo Live Online with Yoogaia

By Lau  /  September 25, 2015

Yoogaia is the first online yoga studio that’s bringing yoga classes straight to your home via a web platform. They offer interactive live yoga classes with a teacher, very much like facetime with people in their homes all over the world.  A start-up from Finland, Yoogaia was founded in 2014 by CEO Mikko Petäjä and now boast over 50,000 subscribers from all over the world .

Yoogaia runs three studios in different parts of the world (London, Helsinki and Hong Kong) from which their instructors teach.  They charge a monthly subscription fee that gives you unlimited access to all live and recorded yoga classes.

How it works?

When you subscribe to Yoogaia, you can choose a live class where a yoga instructor conducts  class in real time and can give you guided instructions via a webcam. Or you can take a pre-recorded class and practise anytime you like.

We like the flexibility Yoogaia offers in practising yoga at home or anywhere really even when you’re travelling,  it cuts out all the hassle of getting to a physical class, saves time and money. The only down side is that your yoga teacher is unable to physically adjust your pose.  One day perhaps with hologram technology, he/she might just be able to do so but for now we have Yoogaia.

How much? 
Free trial for 7 days and then subscriptions starts at HK$87.


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