Blued Dating App for Gay Guys Picks up 2 Million Users in a Year

Blued - Gay Dating App - Butterboom
By Butterboom Writers  /  December 16, 2013

Blued, a Chinese gay dating app, has attracted 2 million users in just over a year and, due to its great success, is planning to release an app for lesbians called Pinkd. DanLan, the company behind Blued, first launched the app for Apple and Android devices in August 2012 and has been very popular ever since. Of its 2 million users, 68.3% use the app monthly and 24% use it daily.

Blued works like any regular dating app the only difference is that it’s exclusively for gay guys. Users can chat, send pictures and share content from Chinese social media websites and like many other geolocating dating apps, it allows users to find other users nearby.

Many of the better known gay dating apps are blocked in China which is one of the reasons why Blued has become so popular. There is estimated to be around 13 million gay men in China though many prefer to stay closeted and marry so as to keep their parents happy.


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