Top 5 Websites Designed To Enhance Your Travel Experience

By Lau  /  February 5, 2016
Travelling is up there on most everyone’s favourite thing to do. There are lot of travel websites, blogs, even photo sharing apps for travel pics (Spottly) and services that help you find the cheapest flight (Skyscanner), hotel room (Hotel Quickly). Since we have many holidays coming up in the Hong Kong SAR, it’s time to share with you the top 5 sites and services that are designed to enhance your next travel experience.
Citymapper is the ultimate transport app to find the best and fastest routes possible via public transport in major cities like London, Paris, New York and now Hong Kong. Unlike Google Maps, Citymapper  provides time information for each part of the journey like estimated time of arrival for each mode of transport and pushes out notifications that tell you that you should get off incase you miss your stop. Impressively, it draws on all modes of transport including the ferry with a ferry timetable so you can check out the times in advance and taxis with estimated fares provided so you won’t be overcharged. Want to walk or bike it? It shows you the route and how many calories you’ll burn for health-conscious users. By far, we think it’s now the best app for navigating around the city with a lot of cool features.
Klook, is an online concierge for booking activities in a city or country at a discounted rate, usually 10-30% off. Klook is a Hong Kong startup  and offers tickets to popular tourist spots and curated tour guides at discounted prices.  You can buy tickets to theme parks like Ocean Park (24% off normal ticket prices) and Disneyland (1 day pass at US$64 instead of US71) at and a ride to the airport via AirportExpress train at US10 instead of US13 from Central. There’s a variety of  activities you can book beyond the usual tourist hotspots like Island Kayaking around Sai Kung,  an art jamming class, cycling tour around New Territories,pub crawl to Hong Kong’s best nightspots and a tour of Hong Kong’s haunted tour in Wanchai. We think its a useful for booking visiting relatives or friends when you are sick of playing tour guide to Hong Kong’s hotspot and saving some cash with the Airport Express discounted fares. 
Sam the Local
Sam the Local is an online community connecting you with Hong Kong residents for a customised outing experience based on your interests. Founded by Anita Chan and Maggie Lau in 2014 who wanted to offer a platform for locals to share their favourite local spots and travel tips in a place they know well. Based on the premise that there’s no better way to discover Hong Kong than through a local, Sam the Local is designed for both visitors and those who recently relocated to Hong Kong. You can go on hike trails, find hidden gems for bargain shopping or go on a food exploration tour with locals who are happy to show you what they love in Hong Kong.  
Voyagin is an online platform for travellers who prefer to book tours and activities based on individual interests, similar to the concept of Sam the Local. As  Japanese site, this platform offers a big range of activities in Japanese cities like Tokyo and Kyoto, Osaka and Okinawa. The platform offers visitors a great way to experience Japan like a true local without being limited by the language barriers. Voyagin offers everything from kooky activities and unique activities like learn to be a ninja, relaxing in an owl cafe, enjoy an evening of a geisha performance in Kyoto or even book discounted tickets to the famous Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku.
Voyagin recently expanded to other South East Asian countries, they are in Thailand and Vietnam but not all activities are listed, so be patient and give it bit more time for them to curate some unique and off the wall experiences in Asia.
Want to go somewhere but cannot find someone to go with you? Check out Wander, a social travel app for solo travellers who are looking for a travel companions to travel the world. Wander combines dating with the activity of travel in that it offers single travellers a way to meet other singles who are looking to travel together. “The app was founded by Singaporean Krystal Choo in 2014. We downloaded Wander and interestingly enough, it operates similarly to Tinder, login through your Facebook account, input your desired destination and then swipe to find singles who are heading to the same destination. No swiping left or right is necessary, however – simply tap profiles to save as a favourite for later, or send them a message to start planning your trip together.

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