Wardrobe Tips: Why Less is Always Most Definitely More

By Butterboom Writers  /  February 1, 2013

Wardrobe tips from stylist Charlotte Felix O’Conor.


Seasons trends, mid-season updates, end of season, do these terms leave your head in a fashion spin and have you wandering the malls every few weeks looking for pieces to add to your already bulging wardrobe. And if you open the doors wide can you guess how much you actually wear? The statistic most of us know, that women wear 20% of their wardrobe is painfully true, so what happens to the rest of the items.  They sit there taking up much needed space (and lets face it not all of us can afford a separate room let alone apartment like Anna Della Russo of Vogue Nippon), collecting dust.

Wardrobe Essentials_butterboomThe merry go-round that is fashion has us constantly searching and purchasing the next new look when everyone can afford to create new looks from their existing pieces, if you start with a few basics and use your accessories.  I recently put myself on a retail-fast for 6 weeks, the first few weeks were challenging, but I then I realized it forced me to be more selective and buy pieces that would last longer than a season and see them as investments rather than fast-fashion.  In this economic climate and with an environmental conscience, it pays to rediscover what’s in the back of your closet. Here are some style pointers to wardrobe management:

Mix print_butterboom

1. Begin with the basics:

  • Ensure you have a good selection of jeans, skinny, straight-legged and for those who can, wide-legged for differing occasions
  • Simple tees made of good quality cotton that you can dress up in an instant
  • A good jacket or two for throwing on at a moment’s notice, black or dark navy plus a neutral colour are useful
  • Dresses that you feel good in and can transition easily from day to night and a special LBD
  • Accessories are just as important, all you need are a few pairs of flats, some wedges and towering heels for those evenings you know feel like gliding.

2. Mix It Up: then add a few quirky pieces, something from a few seasons ago that you’ve always loved. Maybe it needs altering to freshen the look.

3. Print Shy: every good wardrobe should have some pretty florals or interesting colour mixes just keep it simple and don’t dress top to toe in it, with prints keep the accessories simple.

4. Everything in Moderation: apart from your wardrobe staples it doesn’t pay to have one piece in every colour or go overboard on one style just because you loved it at the time.

5. Future purchases: rule of thumb is try it, put it on hold and if you can’t stop thinking about it and think it will complement other pieces in the closet it’s a done deal.

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