The Truth About Sample Sales

By Butterboom Writers  /  April 26, 2007

You love them, we love them but what is behind the brands?


While this Forbes article is heavily New York-centric, you still get the idea on what goes on at sample sales and even though we don’t usually get champagne served to us at them, they are usually alot easier to find and go to here in Hong Kong.

“Retailers need to move their merchandise from past seasons, and [hosting] a large event like a warehouse or sample sale is the last-ditch effort for them to make a profit off of their overstock,” says Denise Williamson, owner of the Williamson Showroom in New York City, where designers such as Trovata and Development participate in a two-day biannual sample sale. “The consumer loves it, for the most part. If you had your eye on something all season and it’s discounted heavily now, why wouldn’t you want to get it?”

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