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By Butterboom Writers  /  February 1, 2017

This Valentine’s Day or anytime you want to find a ring for yourself or a loved one that’s truly unique, we may just have the solution for you. What if you can design a ring or piece of jewellery that fits your requirement to a tee?  We’re talking custom-made jewelry, exactly how you want it. No more struggling to find the design you like, the stone size you want, colour you are inspired by or the price you are planning to spend because you are in control – if you know where to look. We’re excited to let you in on an insider secret we found out about….. The Diamond Registry! 

The Diamond Registry offers quality GIA-certified wholesale diamonds while giving you the same access as those in the diamond industry. Meaning the best stones at wholesale price, which saves you up to 50% compared to ready-made retail diamond items. You can also get access to their skilled in-house jewellers that can make your dream ring. Are they a new player on the market? Absolutly not, The Diamond Registry has been around since 1961 with offices in New York, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong while having the experience, reputation and trust of matching the right sparkle with the person. That’s important if you are spending thousands with them.

So how do you make your very own dream diamond ring for just a fraction of the retail cost? First decide on what maximum price you are willing to spend and try to stick to it even though it can be very tempting to go over your budget when looking at designs. Then together with the Diamond Registry you will look for diamonds that match your preference. That is why you have to do your homework to find out what you like, and ask yourself questions like: Do I like more squarish or roundish diamond shapes? Do I prefer longer line facets or shorter line facets?
Do I prefer carat size or diamond quality? Knowing what loose diamond you want prepares you for the next step in making your dream ring. That is matching the right stone with your budget. Diamond Registry shares the latest tips and wholesale diamond prices with you online, and collects a selection of loose diamonds that suit your preferences for you to see in their showroom located in Central.

Bring along the design or a picture of the ring you want to make and leave it to them to draft out the specs and brief their skilled jeweler with your designs. Wait for about a week or two and before you know it, you can pick up your brand new shiny customized ring.
Think about all the rings and jewellery you can make! We’ve found some rings we love to inspire you and a little discount to get you started on designing that dream ring when you buy your diamond from The Diamond Registry.

Special Offer to Butterboom readers

The Diamond Registry will offer 5%  off all diamond and gemstone purchases from now till 30 July 2017 when you mention that you are a Butterboom reader upon purchase.

The Diamond Registry Showroom
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