Shop Window: Lianca

By Butterboom Writers  /  June 17, 2011

A place to buy cool coloured leather bags in Central. Lianca is the place to shop for beautifully crafted coloured leather bags or accessories. Tucked away on a little street just off Staunton Street, Lianca is one of the first shops to set up in SoHo that’s still around today.

They are meticulous about their craftsmanship and provide great value when compared to pricier Italian-made leather goods. They make everything from bags and shoes to desktop accessories.

We found some lovely key and card holders priced from HKD$60-$499 which are good prices for the quality you’re getting. The iPad case in blue leather is quite a steal too.

Lianca is definitely not your typical run-off-the-mill mass production retail store; they’re about finding the best materials to produce well designed products that you will love and keep forever.


  • Basement No:27, Staunton Street, Central SoHo, Hong Kong. Tel: 2139 2989

How to Get There?

    MTR Stop: Central Exit D2, head up to the famous escalator, 3 minutes walk to SoHo and get off on Staunton – stop at the corner on Peel Street.



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