Make it Happen Everyday with Isabel Marant: “WTS” with Elle Lee

By Butterboom Writers  /  May 30, 2012

Former model/current fashion blogger Elle Lee tells us: “What to shop!”

“It’s easy to make magic on a red carpet – except just how many of us live that life? But how do we make it happen every day on the sidewalk? That’s why I love to design.” – Isabel Marant

And that’s why we love Isabel Marant with her mix of minimalist and bohemian design. How do you know if Marant is for you and you belong to her?

You are a match if:

  • You have a strong personality but don’t like getting fully dressed-up
  • You want to be different, but in a discreet way
  • You like to be feminine but not ‘super sexy’

Hmmm, sounds familiar to me. I think it suits a lot of girls in Hong Kong too!

If you missed the chance to meet the Parisian fashion designer when she was in Hong Kong last week (Butterboom did give you a chance to meet her in person at a private party at Zuma), it’s ok; yes, you heard me it’s OK! (see our interview with her here)

Just visit her store on Ice House Street in Central! Stepping into Isabel Marant already made me feel cooler, both temperature wise and look wise. The music, the casual line up and the just-right lighting made me want to dance a little. It wasn’t normal for me, as I don’t dance, at least not when I shop, the cool studio looking space and simple railings certainly upgraded my shopping experience.

TIZY black tee: HK$3,699

WOLF Embroidered vest: HK$29, 999

MIDJA red pants: HK$4,499

RIO shoes: HK$6,599 

You know you cannot get away without wearing some bold colors this Summer, and it’s ok if you don’t like to be that bold! Washed colors are one of Marant’s signatures and classic, this pair of luxurious slouchy red washed-georgette pants immediately grabbed my attention.

They can be worn as a chic city look like how I did it here, pulling up the pants to make them shorter so I could show off these seriously covetable black leather and chain-strapped sandals. Walk this nonchalant glamour look out on the street to Make It Happen EVERYDAY!

TONIO top: HK$2,899

ZILLAH Pants: HK$3,799

It’s fun to play dress-up game with the obvious femininity and louche minimalist masculine elements in her clothes, a true hedonism of Parisian contemporary fashion and available here in Hong Kong.


  • 10 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong. Tel: (852) 2808-4698

Elle Lee is a former model that currently writes about fashion/lifestyle at and at Follow her on Twitter at @ElleIconLee

Hair styling provided by The Strand.


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