Shop Window: Fang Fong Projects

By Butterboom Writers  /  March 24, 2011

A  Hong Kong designer that makes distinctly unique pieces.

Fang Fong Project is one of the very few Hong Kong designers creating her own original designs with a successful retail shop tucked away in Peel Street. Designer Wu Lai Fan clothes are what a modern day Asian Audrey Hepburn would wear. She makes gorgeous shift dresses in bold striking colours and vintage kimoko, and focuses on clean, uncomplicated silhouettes. Her clothes are functional and very wearable with a distinctly unique style. They make for great stand-out pieces for work or cocktail parties.

Wu Lai Fan loves matching the traditional Asian fabrics with a modern 1980s silhouette. You can find original one-of-a-kind pieces here and what’s great is the designer is happy to adjust sizes to fit your body. Venturing into accessories, Fang Fong also designs shopping bags and shoes and we must say we love her electric blue color tote shopping bags, kimono fabric belts, light color tone scarf and matching shoes.

You can also commission your own original dress for a special occasion or, more likely, just because you want to!


  • 69 Peel Street SOHO Central Tel: 3105 5557

How to get there?

  • MTR Stop: Central Exit D2, head up to the famous escalator, 3 minutes walk to SOHO.

– By King Chan



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