Offers Fine Designer Jewellery at a Fraction of the Cost

By Butterboom Writers  /  December 20, 2011

We sit down with founder Joanne Ooi and her newest fashion venture. launched yesterday worldwide and is the brainchild of former Shanghai Tang creative director Joanne Ooi, and the concept is quite exciting for jewellery shoppers.

In a nutshell: Plukka offer stylish, fine designer jewellery at affordable prices to a crowd of shoppers – so if you like something you buy it, but the more people buy it the lower the price goes. And this is great designer looking stuff!

Let’s let Joanne explain how works:

Joanne, what is all about?

Plukka sells own-brand, extremely creative, original fine designer jewelry (18k gold, diamonds, gemstones) priced 70-90% off normal retail price, through a patented social shopping process called the Plukka Value Proposition, all online.

Prices will range from $200 to $20,000, with an approximate median price range of $500-700. The Plukka Value Proposition can be summed up as follows: First, we don’t make a piece of jewellery unless enough people want to buy it. Second, the more of a piece we sell, the less it costs. You can see both principles at work in real time for any open event on our site.

Who is the Plukka customer?

At present, the site is focused on the US market, although we also ship to Hong Kong. We target a very broad swathe of customers, from the woman who buys a special occasion piece once a year from a department store, to the Net-a-Porter customer who’s accustomed to dropping a bomb for the latest must-have handbag.

In both cases, the customers are value-conscious. In the case of the department store customer, she loves jewellery but is held back by price. In the case of the high-end online luxury shopper, she will consider our pieces, which are always precious metals, diamonds and real gemstones, to be “cheap as chips” in comparison to buying the latest designer gear.

What industry is distrupting?

We are disrupting the jewellery industry in a way where it will be very difficult for consumers to ever go back to paying “full” retail price at a conventional retailer.

How has your background at Shanghai Tang and Clean Air Network prepared you for this?

My career has always been about marketing, marketing, marketing and this gig is no different.

You can check out the jewellery offers at and let us know what you think in the comments below.


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