Luxify- Hong Kong’s First Luxury Online Marketplace

Luxify - Hong Kong's Luxury Online Marketplace
By Butterboom Writers  /  January 6, 2014

Thinking about selling your expensive LV bag or your crate of Lafite wines? Or maybe you’re looking to buy a designer dress or watch at half the original retail price. Luxify is Hong Kong’s first online marketplace to buy and sell new, vintage and pre-owned luxury goods. The website offers eight major product categories covering- motors, yachts, diamonds, fine wine, watches, jewellery, fashion, bags. Luxify was founded by Florian Martigny, Alexis Zirah and David Leung, three Hong Kong residents and businessmen, who were looking to create an online platform for the second-hand luxury market.

How to use?

Its free to sign up and list your items and you only pay a commission when your item is sold.  The commission is calculated proportionately to the value of the item sold, starting off at 15% for items under HK$35,000 and 5% for items above HK$155,000.

For sellers, a concierge service is available to assist with product photography, authentication or restoration of items. Sellers are in complete control of their sale and can list as many items as needed for up to 30 days. The buyer is guaranteed a secure transaction which is monitored closely by the company to ensure authenticity and security in transaction.

They are also launching a second hand valuation database which values wine, handbags and watches. The website also hosts special online auctions for unique goods sourced from Luxify itself.

Check out Luxify, if you are thinking to convert your luxury goods into cash or getting a deal on a pre-own item.


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