Guide to Selling Pre-Loved Fashion in Hong Kong

By   /  October 3, 2014

In a place where shopping could be considered a major sport, how do you get rid of items that you don’t want anymore to make space for new stuff? Especially new items bought on impulse with the price tag still on and can’t return. As wardrobe space is a premium, you can always give-away unwanted clothes to your friends, Oxfam or the Salvation Army.

If you want to sell your pre-loved clothes or accessories, we’ve compiled a list of actual physical stores in Hong Kong and online stores that will sell it for you. Let’s start with the physical stores first!


Milan Station

This is probably the biggest chain of stores to buy and sell designer bags in Hong Kong. Milan Station is a public listed company with over 14 stores in Hong Kong and presence in Macau and China. They  pay cash for your bag right away at around 20-30% less off the Hong Kong retail price of your bag. Their wining formula allows the fashionista who wants to own the latest bag a way to sell their 2nd hand bag and pick up their next new bag quickly. It also allows for smart shoppers to take advantage of  savings in price difference they are getting from purchasing designer bags in Europe and the 12% tax refund and making a slight margin from selling it to Milan Station. 

 This is probably the best place in Hong Kong to sell your popular designer brands bags, namely Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton. Milan Station is very selective in only taking what they know is in demand and in season.   There are several ways to sell your designer goodies at Milan Station; one is to go into the store and ask and usually they will get one of their brand authenticity experts to authenticate and price items appropriately. You can also Whatsapp or Facebook them with pictures of the bag you want to sell and get a valuation of price they will pay for your bag before going into the store to sell your bag. Locations throughout Hong Kong.

  • Hotline: 2730 8037
  • 26 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong. Tel: 2736 3388
  • 83 Percival Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Tel: 2504 0128
  • 31 Haiphong Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tel: 2366 0332

Mademoiselle Chic

Mademoiselle Chic is a boutique for pre-loved items with an online store where all items they are selling are featured. Created by Helois Mendes, a young Parisian mother who arrived in Hong Kong in September 2011 and realized that there was a niche for pre-loved “designer” clothes at affordable prices and decided to set up the showroom/ website store. Expect to find high street fashion brands like Zara, Maje, Vanessa Bruno, DVF and also designer brands like Isabel Marant, Acne, Chloé, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs. You can bring your pre-loved items to their showroom in Stanley and Mademoiselle Chic will decide if they will take your item on and agree with you on the sale price. Mademoiselle Chic will promote your items on their website and sale event they organize every month.  They take 50% of sale price and will transfer money directly to your bank account or send you a cheque once your item is sold.  Items will be returned to you in 3 months if it doesn’t sell. 

Mademoiselle Chic Pop Up Boutique at PMQ
  • Date: 16 September to 31 October 2014, 12:00pm – 8:00pm.
  • Unit H310, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong.



Mrs Vintage

A local institution for vintage lovers who want a vintage bridal dress from the 20’s to 90’s.  Mrs Vintage is run by Constance Wong and she carries mainly wedding dresses with prices ranging from HKHK$2500 – HK$6000. Mrs Vintage also has a good selection of vintage dresses and accessories, as well as a decent selection of designer handbags.  Constance buys her clothes mostly from abroad where there is a bigger selection of quality vintage pieces. However she does buys back the original vintage dresses that customers bought at her store and takes 30% of sale price for these items. If you have quality vintage pieces that she likes (usually from famous designer brands) she will take the items on consignment and pay you 60% on sale price of your item.

Mrs Vintage has a showroom in Central where you can try on items and an online site featuring items in her store to give you an idea of what is available.

  • Mrs Vintage Showroom – 1/F, 108 Queen’s Road West, Hong Kong. Tel: 9784 8124
  • Opening Hours by appointment (Sunday Closed)

my friendswardrobe.butterboom

My Friend’s Wardrobe

Titled the “trendies second-hand store online”, this online platform lets you sell  mixture of designer and high street brands and it is not only just the selling and buying of ladies wear but kidswear too. Most items here are in pretty good condition.  As a seller, you submit pictures (they are pretty particular about making sure that the pictures are clear and good quality) of the items that you wish to sell and if the items fit with the site’s standards then they will progress to posting pieces on the site with an agreed price.  The commission is approximately 25% of the price and will only be taken when the item is sold.  The great thing is that My Friend’s Wardrobe require that items be sent to them for checking before they are posted, so both buyer and seller have no problems with discrepancies.



The original online platform for selling and buying second hand items or even brand new items.  The Hong Kong site’s homepage is in Cantonese but a lot of the material (due to the international nature of the business) is in English.  You can search in English too and the site layout is pretty much similar to that of the UK and US.  At Ebay, you can usually list for free and pay 10% from final sale with maximum of US250. Other charges to upgraded listing, shipping cost and Paypal charges apply so calculate your cost properly to understand your final total cost of selling your item.

Mustard Polka Dot White Dress HK$398.09 from Vic & Lily Vintage Versace Jacket HK$859.87 from Just Kitsch

Mustard Polka Dot White Dress HK$398.09 from Vic & Lily
Vintage Versace Jacket HK$859.87 from Just Kitsch


Etsy is different from Ebay in the sense that it is more about a platform for small businesses to sell their goods.  So here you definitely find a mixture of artists selling their products but also a lot of vintage “stores”.  This means that you too can create your own Etsy store to sell your pre-loved item. Esty charges a low US 0.20 cents for listing an item which expires in 4 months and takes a 3.5% of sales not including shipping and tax. Other fees will apply for add-on service like search, direct checkout, label.  If you are selling, come up with a clear description, use good quality pictures and factor in all other cost like postage, Paypal fees (around 3.9% + HK$2.35).  A lot of Etsy sellers will email their buyers to work out an accurate postage price, before transaction is complete. There are a growing number of Hong Kong based Etsy sellers who you can look to for reference or sell your vintage pieces.


AsiaXpat is probably the Hong Kong equivalent to the US phenomenon Craig’s List.  You can find anything to buy and sell here from a flat, to a table or a lovely dress at bargain prices.  Head for the Classified section to search for the categories you would sell your items under. There’s clothing and apparels which files all items for  clothing items, shoes, bags for items you want to sell. Its free to list items and you can get good respond if you take a good pictures, they allow a limited number of picture uploads per post and it helps to have clear description including size, year, condition and location of pick-up. Items are generally sold on a first come first served basis, but having a waiting list of interested parties is a good idea in case the first deal falls through.  Most people either arrange a time or place to meet in person to either try on and then buy and receive payment.  A word of warning- there have been some complaints about people not turning up or selling inferior goods.  However, there are great bargains to be had on this site.

Hardly worn it! (Facebook)

These are two Facebook groups which seem to have grown out of the popularity of the Asiaxpat forums.  Hardly worn it! is specifically for buying and selling women’s wear, especially designer handbags.  However, a lot of people also sell unwanted shoes or dresses from high street brands too.  Condition of items can be a little bit sketchy and there have been complaints recently on the honestly of the buyers and sellers which the administrators of the group have tried to clamp down on.  This is a closed group so you have to ask a friend to refer you or sell on your behalf.  However, transactions are usually done on a face to face basis.  Expect some bargaining from potentially buyers.  

swap-it-hk (Facebook)

swap-it-hk is pretty much the same as the previously mentioned group but it includes menswear, kids clothing, furniture and kids toys.  Once again, standards vary on the condition, so be careful and use your common sense.  Obviously, if you are just interested in selling women’s clothing then Hardly Worn It is better as Swap It Hong Kong is definitely a mixed bag that you have to scroll through a variety of items.

Butterboom Tip:
A note for both groups; these are all people on Facebook that you may not know and so it’s always good to meet during the day  in a populated area.  Also, beware that sometimes the items might not be in the condition you expected, the buyer might not turn up or might disagree with the condition of your item.  Keep calm and speak to the administrator and hopefully you can sort it out without a heated discussion.  These two groups are really informal groups.

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