You Are Invited to Join Us For a Sneak Peek Inside the New Shanghai Tang Mansion

By Butterboom Writers  /  March 30, 2012

1 Duddell Street will be the newest Hong Kong fashion destination.

After leaving its historic retail space on Pedder Street for a temporary space above Star Ferry, Shanghai Tang is just about ready to launch their new flagship store in Hong Kong opening next month at 1 Duddell Street, Central.

While the official preview is still a couple of weeks away we were allowed access this week to see the still under construction Shanghai Tang Mansion to give you some quick thoughts:

The video above was part of a viral campaign to get people guessing where the new location was going to be, and to bring fans to their Facebook page. We guessed it would still be somewhere in Central – but going to Duddell was a surprise, but now having seen the insides of this amazing new shopping experience we couldn’t think of a better location.

First its called Shanghai Tang Mansion and while we couldn’t see the new facade the interiors are screaming this in concept. The ground and first floors are for women, the second floor for men and the top 2 floors are a bar and restaurant – yes, this will be a shopping destination for many looking to shop and dine in Shanghai Tang style.

Now given the mansion is still under heavy construction there were some sections fully fitted and stocked, and we can describe the one major advantage over the Pedder store: it’s brighter! The whole design of the shop feels more modern, like something you’d find in New York City or London.

One thing is for sure, even through we were dodging construction workers, we can still see that the new Shanghai Tang Mansion will be a flagship store other brands will check out to see how it’s done. A true retail destination that doesn’t have to be on the main street to attract shoppers and buzz.

We’ll have a full photo breakdown for you after we get our official sneak peek in 2 weeks and the everyone can check it out when the Shanghai Tang Mansion officially opens in April 2012.


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