David Tang Strikes a Cord with Lifestyle Store Tang Tang Tang Tang

By Roxanne  /  June 23, 2014

It goes without saying that Sir David Tang has made a significant impact on fashion retail in Hong Kong, with the Shanghai Tang fashion chain practically a household name in the city. He now lends his name to a new venture, a lifestyle and furniture store in Wan Chai aptly named, Tang Tang Tang Tang. But before you scoff your head at the seemingly unimaginative name, as with all of Tang’s ventures, there is an unexpected inspiration. In this case, the beginning of Beethoven’s 5 Symphony which starts with four strong notes was apparently chosen as an amusing way for people to remember the store.

Located in a 125 year old Chinese heritage building ‘Tong Lau’ on Johnston Road, the store sits below popular bar, The Pawn and next to clothing store Tommy Bahamas.  Tang Tang Tang Tang delivers luxury in a wide range of unique products with modern Chinese appeal. The interior is designed to resemble a home with a sitting room, dining room, open kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and dressing room. You will find TTTT’s hand painted lamps, laptop cases, bags and napkins, silver photo frames, innovative rice cookers and toasters, fine bone china, travel bluetooth speakers for wash bags, and luxury bedding. The store offers bespoke wedding registries and a full catalogue of items which is available online. One of the most popular items is the range of silk sleepwear featuring TTTT’s signature zodiacs. Ranging from around HK$1,300 for a set, it won’t be the cheapest sleepwear you ever buy, but then again, you are paying for the Tang experience- one that David Tang ensures will rival any offered at conventional luxury department stores.

Having said this, Tang Tang Tang Tang does offer affordable luxury. You can pick up stylish cases, accessories and various gadgets for around the HK$300 mark- a price that not a lot of high quality lifestyle stores can match.  From the restrained opulence of the decor, to the unobtrusively clever gadgets, David Tang looks set to have another hit with Tang Tang Tang Tang.




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