Next Opens in Sha Tin & Macau

By Butterboom Writers  /  November 13, 2007

UK clothing retailer brings the next thing to Hong Kong.


Next, the UK’s third biggest clothing retailer (behind Marks & Spenser) is coming to Hong Kong with a shop in Phase 1, New Town Plaza and one in The Venetian Macao. Nope, that’s not a typo: Sha Tin and Macau.

If you’re from the UK you probably know this brand, and with their new logo, and featuring model Alessandra Ambrosio to sell their products it should help make some kind of dent in the overly crowded Hong Kong market.

Weirder than a UK brand coming here 10 years after the handover, is the strange of message they are sending out about the brand. While its chi-chi enough to be in The Venetian alongside the LVMH brands, could they really find no room in Elements that they need to slum it all the way in Sha Tin? We haven’t been to Sha Tin in awhile, but we don’t think it’s turning into the Kowloon Landmark, is it?

See their recent TV commercial below, doing what a TVC should do, show a hot woman wearing at least a dozen outfits in 60 seconds:

Shop there now till the 18th and get 10% off your purchase, as always let us know what you buy.


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