New Eco-Friendly Artisanal Store Pyaar Opens in Causeway Bay

Pyaar Causeway Bay Handmade Eco-Friendly HK
By Roxanne  /  May 28, 2014

Pyaar, which means love, is a store that focuses on selling handmade items carefully curated from all around the world. Each piece is unique, carefully crafted and sold in limited quantities, so you can be sure you are buying quality products.

Pyaar stocks a varied selection of products — rope bowls from Gemma Patford, vegan lip balms from HURRAW!, versatile cork stools from Portugal, a mix of quirky cotton tea towels and cosy blankets, handmade furniture, pottery and kitchen utensils, and pieces from renowned artist b. wing. Pyaar is a hip oasis above the bustling shopping mecca. Pop in to check out the interesting collection and take a break from the crowds.

They believe in protecting the environment, and support small businesses while providing an alternate shopping experience. So you can feel great about your purchase and the difference you are making on the Earth!


  • 10/F, Nam Hing Fong, 39 Yiu Wah Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Tel: 2388 6949

Pyaar Causeway Bay Handmade Eco-Friendly


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