JFT Flagship Store Opens in Hong Kong

By Butterboom Writers  /  August 28, 2009

Trendy Japanese lifestyle shopping complex opens in Causeway Bay.


JFT is a three-storey shopping complex model after the famous Shibuya-109 in Japan.  A retail space with a total area of 24,000 square feet, this mega complex offers an intense concentration of  over 70 hip Japanese, European, US fashion brands and plenty of choice.  Some of the brands in JFT include Roen, HALB, Naoki Takizawa, Delyle, Egoist, Fukuske, Dazzlin and Barak.The store is a welcome addition to Hong Kong shopping mecca status and will be a hit with locals who love cool Japanese designs.


To give you an idea of what to expect, the complext is designated into 6 zones: Premium Section where you can find chic fashion from Europe, US and Japan, Contemporary Zone for casual modernwear,  Sports Fashion Zone for trendy sports wear, Jeans Corner for exclusive JFT jeans and crossover denim,  109 Zone for 10 of Shibuya 109 most popular brands and a Bar Corner which is a 3000 square feet area for shoppers to chill out and take in the Shibuya culture.  It’s a place where you can get coffee, snacks or cocktails and watch the latest in concert, exhibition from Shibuya.



There are 2 entrances :

  • 108-120 Percival Street (face Lee Theater Plaza), Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
  • 51-75 Lee Garden Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

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