Itsie Bitsie: New Bikini Shop in Soho

By Butterboom Writers  /  August 8, 2012

Fun bright bikinis on Hollywood Road.

Hong Kong native Cristina Wilkinson who is half English and half Venezuelan started Itsie Bitsie  a shop that sells bikini and beachwear about four months ago. You can spot the shop as you walk up the midlevels escalator on Hollywood Road.

Cristina has created the best job in the world, she designs bikinis and beachwear that are made in Bali which means constant trips to Bali to oversee production. She also comes up with cheeky fun names for her bikinis like Flamenco Dancer, Paper Doll Cutout and She Sells Seashells. We met up with Cristina for a little Q&A session.

Butterboom: Tell us about Itsie Bitsie

Cristina: Istie Bitsie started with swimwear first and then I decided to do the clothes as well. Istie Bitsie fills a gap in the market for bikinis that were well made, fun and colourful in sizes that catered  to all body sizes.

Butterboom: Istie Bitsie is different because..

Cristina: Because of our design, we offer more varieties in terms of colour, styles and sizes and put more though into how a bikini should be. Summer is a fun time  and I wanted to offer bikinis that are fun, colourful and boisterous. Our bikinis are made of thicker material so it offers more protection after you get out of the water and there are no labels that stick out, our labels are print stamp on the inside

Butterboom: What about sizes?

Cristina: Sizes of bikinis at Istie Bitsie: from XS all the way to L+ ( Double D cup).

Butterboom: Tips on picking the right swimwear for your body type

Cristina: If you are more flat chested and want to enhance your cleavage, try a halter neck style to lift and accentuate your boobs and one with padding of course. We have a bikini called “She Sells Seashell” that is perfect and also a bandeau style that shows cleavage, like our “Plunge in Solas” bikini.

If you have big boobs and want more support, choose bikinis that have a thicker band under the boobs for better support with either a shoulder strap or a round the neck strap whichever is more confortable for you.

Tips for people who chooses shorts style to cover their bum – the more material/ coverage you have say in the bum area, the bigger the bum will look. Go for bikini bottoms that cuts away your bum properly like a hipster style for a more flattering look.

Boy shorts actually look better on slimmer women.

How much? 

  • Bikini tops  and bottoms from HK$350-$580
  • One- piece swimwear from HK$750-HK$900
  • beachwear dresses from HK$380-HK$1200

Where to buy?

  • Istie Bitsie, 1/F 43 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong.

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