Desigual Opens First Store in Hong Kong

By Butterboom Writers  /  May 10, 2013

Spanish fashion brand opens first store in New Town Plaza.

Spanish fashion retailer, Desigual opened their first stand-alone store in New Town Plaza last week. The store is the first of many we are expecting to see in Hong Kong from this colourful casualwear fashion label that hails from Barcelona. Desigual- which means ‘it’s not the same’ or different makes clothes and accessories that captures the vibrant, spontaneous, fun and optimistic spirit of “La vida es Chula”. Desigual is on a major expansion plan  and stores in Singapore,  Shanghai, Philippines and their recent flagship store opening in Shubuya, Tokyo.


Desigual is known for their colourful printed dresses and graphically bright tops. Expect to find loads of dresses, printed bags and colourful shoes at their new store.  The store looks like a bazaar in Barcelona with products displayed against antique furniture, Turkish rugs, fruit bowls, glass bottles and other nicknacks.

We caught up with Managing Director, Manel Jadraque (below) to talk about Disigual’s plans for Asia.

Manel Jadraque_butterboom


Butterboom: Describe Desigual for us.

Manel Jadraque: Desigual actually means different in Spain…  Its a casualwear brand that’s energetic, colourful and unconventional label from Ibiza. We are big on womenswear and accessories and produces 2 collections per year and a couple of capsule collections a year.

Butterboom: What are your plans in Asia?

Manel Jadraque: We opened the first store in Singapore 5 years ago,  last year in 2012 we entered the Japan market. Our focus now is Hong Kong and Japan as main markets and our warehouse and logistics for Asia region is in Hong Kong. We are already in China in Shanghai. Our plan is to open 10 stores in Hong Kong in the next 3 years.

Butterboom: What are your online e-commerce plans for Asia?

Manel Jadraque: We will launch e-commerce in June with the site servicing Japan, China and Hong Kong market. Our e-commerce business is big and we have achieved 10% of our sales from e-commerce in a year and a half. We’ve just launched our mobile app too and 20% of our traffic comes from mobile. We believe in mobile and think the growth is going to be exponential and use to engage our customers and drive traffic to store. We  also have 1.2 million fans on our Facebook in Spain.

Butterboom: Your thoughts on fashion..

Manel Jadraque: Fashion is an expression, a way to show, present our best to the world

Butterboom: What do you find most interesting about your role?

Manel Jadraque: The global reach of Desiqual. Spain is one of the biggest producer of fashion in the world. we have the manufacturing knowledge of fashion.

Butterboom: Top 3 items every stylish women must own?

Manel Jadraque:  …dresses, coats and t-shirts



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