Cartier Sets Off Fireworks for Asian Flagship Store in Prince’s Building

By Butterboom Writers  /  December 8, 2010

The sparkly people come out for a sparkly launch party.

The stars weren’t the only things sparkling last weekend when Cartier held an exclusive invite-only party held at Central’s Pier 4 to celebrate the grand opening of Cartier’s Asian Flagship store in Prince’s Building. The signature red Cartier jewellery box was recreated in monumental scale to house the party venue, measuring 33m in length and placed against the beautiful backdrop of Victoria Harbour. Cartier certainly knows how to do pomp and circumstance!

VIP guests and celebrities such as Ms. Carina Lau, Mr. Ethan Ruan, Mr. Chilam Cheung and Ms. Gaile Lai glided down a lush red carpet adorned in glittering gems. We got some shots of partygoers, celebrities and socialites and the Cartier bling they were sporting that evening for our Butterboom readers to drool over!

You have to hand it to Cartier – first leopards all over Hong Kong in their ad campaign, and next they actually covered up the ferry pier in a giant red box and then shot fireworks off the top of the Prince’s Building….that’s party chic!


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