Beijing Apple Store Opens July 19

By Butterboom Writers  /  July 14, 2008

Yes, the Mainland gets one before Hong Kong.


Looks like Apple is also jumping at the Olympics promotional opportunities and opening their first China store in Beijing.

The Apple store is located in Sanlitun, formerly a quiet, leafy neighborhood adjacent to one of the city’s diplomatic quarters. In recent years, Sanlitun turned into a lively—and often rowdy—nightlife district known by locals as “Bar Street.” As part of preparations for the Olympics, Beijing authorities worked to spruce up the neighborhood, driving out the drug dealers that often approached foreigners on the street and knocking down apartment blocks to clear the way for a new shopping center.

Like other Apple stores, the Beijing store will give Chinese consumers a chance to try out Apple products or seek help from company representatives at the shop’s Genius Bar. The store will also host events aimed at bringing potential customers into the store.

Apple already has a Chinese-language store online, but this is a big coup for Apple in China – it must be because of those 400,000 iPhones that were found to be used on China Mobile. talk about using the grey market to test market your brand.


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