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YellowKorner Photography ifc mall Hong Kong
By Altermodernist  /  May 9, 2014

About YellowKorner

Address: Shop 3022b, Podium level 3, ifc mall, Central, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: Mon–Sun 10am – 9pm

YellowKorner is an art photography gallery that was started by two Parisians, Alexandre de Metz and Paul-Antoine Briat in 2006. The concept of YellowKorner is to introduce photographers from all over the world and make their work accessible to as many collectors as possible by offering limited prints. They represent art from over 80 galleries around the world, with galleries from New York, Paris, London and Berlin. YellowKorner opened their first gallery in Hong Kong at ifc mall in December 2013 to provide a space for photographers to meet and learn about photography as art. You can buy prints from renowned photographers like Man Ray, Jean Dieuzaide and Yann Arthus-Bertrand as well as works by promising contemporary photographers.

We talked to YellowKorner’s CEO Arthur de Villepin about the gallery’s concept and his impression of the art scene in Hong Kong.

YellowKorner Chairman Arthur de Villepin

YellowKorner Chairman – Arthur de Villepin

Why did you decide to bring YellowKorner to Hong Kong?

I have been living in Hong Kong for more than 4 years now and I think there is no better place to start a business in Asia. I believe at the moment, Hong Kong is a more mature market for art photography, and is the best place to start testing the potential of our concept.

The concept “Making Art accessible”, why is it important?

I think democratizing art as we are doing is a great way to get more people interested and involved in it. It is sending a message saying, “Art is not a price tag, it is a feeling, it is an emotion”.

People coming to the gallery are always interested by our concept and we feel that we are really bringing something to their everyday life. I like to to prove that art is not only for rich collectors but is for everyone.

YellowKorner is also a place for the public and artists to meet and exchange ideas, a place of culture. To do this, our gallery organise events, previews where photographers and celebrities come in the spirit of sharing, and lessons so that the public can discover photographic art.

Why Photography?

The reason is actually quite simple. What makes art photography unique is the fact that it’s easy to understand by everyone. Photography is really different from other art as you do not need professional background knowledge to appreciate a photo. You like it because a photograph is a message that elicits emotions.

YellowKorner shop front - ifc mall, Hong Kong

The YellowKorner collection…

We offer affordable prints, without compromising artistic quality. We have an artistic committee based in Paris which is responsible for unearthing new and upcoming talents. We also have hundreds of applications per day from photographers from around the world. Our committee selects the best photographers.

Advice for someone new to art collection…

Don’t hesitate to ask question about the photo or art piece that you are interested in. You can just pop into YellowKorner without buying anything, we are happy if you learn something new from visiting our gallery.

Hong Kong’s art scene…

I think that the Hong Kong art scene has improved mainly due to the painting galleries. They now display famous artists but I think that sometimes there is too much speculation about their values and prices.

Your wine business experience…

When I left France to settle in Hong Kong in 2010, I wanted to bring the French “art de vivre” and its culture to Asia. That’s why in 2011 I co-founded a French wine label in Hong Kong which specializes in a limited collection of high-end Bordeaux and Burgundy wines. This experience helped me in launching the first YellowKorner in Hong Kong two years later because wine is similar to art:  it’s all about lifestyle — a way of looking at life. With these two activities we bring taste, substance and French culture to Hong Kong and its people. This “art de vivre” is a characteristic of French culture, that we know how to enjoy life.

YellowKorner in 10 years…

In 10 years we expect to have 20 galleries in Asia. To do so, we will first extend our activity in Hong Kong before entering the Taiwanese and Chinese markets.

By Miss Wong/ Altermodernist

Photo credits: YellowKorner


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