Sotheby’s Labyrinth Exhibition by Zeng Xiaojun

Sothebys Labyrints Zeng Xiaojun with Wild Spirit Screen No.3
By Butterboom Writers  /  November 15, 2013

From the 8th till the 24th November, Sotheby’s Hong Kong gallery will be showcasing a selling exhibition entitled “Labyrinths” featuring 22 gorgeous ink paintings by Chinese artist Zeng Xiaojun. Xiaojun’s depictions of twisted and aged organic objects in his paintings, are reminiscent of the philosophy of ancient Chinese scholars. The works on show represent his work as a contemporary literati and illustrates the harmonious existence of man and earth.

Mee-Seen Loong, Sotheby’s Vice Chairman of Chinese Art said, “This selling exhibition offers a chance to be drawn into the labyrinthian Imagination of Zeng Xiaojun, the Beijing-based artist, scholar and collector, this is expressed in his enchanted paintings in ink of wildly spirited roots, meandering vines and twisted trees. It is an extrapolation of classical painting drawing upon iconic and ancient subjects in a striking new visual vocabulary and seen through the brilliant eyes of a present day literati.”

Zeng Xiaojun’s Old Vines on Juliet's Villa

Zeng Xiaojun’s Old Vines on Juliet’s Villa


  • Dates: 8th – 24th November 2013
  • Venue: 5/F One Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong

Photo credits: Sotheby’s Hong Kong Limited



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