Sideshow Basel Exhibition at Voxfire Gallery

Catherine Grossrieder Gone With the Kebab
By Altermodernist  /  May 12, 2014

Voxfire Gallery is set to provide their special sideshow for the Art Basel this year from the 16th to 30th of May.

Vincent Tam, curator of the gallery, selected three Hong Kong-based young talents for the exhibition titled Sideshow Basel. The exhibition is intended to feature quirky, fun and energetic artworks under the circus sideshow theme to create an alternative experience for viewers, where artworks by rising artists Catherine Grossrieder (paintings), Dylan DeRose (photography series), and Lio Yeung (illustrations) will be shown.

By Miss Wong/ Altermodernist


  • Dates: 16 – 30 May 2014
  • Time: Tue – Fri 11:00am – 7:00pm/ Sat 12:00noon – 6:00pm
  • Venue: 1/F, 52 Gage Street, Sheung Wan (Entrance at Aberdeen Street)
Lio Yeung Artwork

Lio Yeung – Artwork

Dylan DeRose Facade

Dylan DeRose – Facade

Main image: Catherine Grossrieder – Gone with the kebab

Photo credits: Voxfire Gallery and courtesy of the artists


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